When You Can’t Strike Oil In Your Own Backyard, You Can Still Invest In Black Gold This Way

Everyone's dream about wealth and striking it rich is a little different. However, for a large cross-section of the population, striking it rich means striking oil in your own backyard. This group of people all want to be the next "Jed Clampett," the fictional character who had so much oil that it just started springing up out of the ground after his shotgun blasted a hole in the ground. Sadly, oil never springs from the ground like that, and even if it did, all of the right land features and the right locations for oil would have to be part of your backyard. When you cannot strike oil this way, there are still ways for you to invest in "black gold" and make a fortune. The following are just a few examples.

Oil Project Investment Opportunity

This is a general purpose phrase that means that someone wants to drill for oil, but needs the funds to back the project. So, a group of investors like yourself get together, pool your money, and help the oil driller discover oil. Your investment funds pay for rigging and drilling equipment, pay the salaries of the driller/drilling company employees, and buy the land on which the driller says there is oil.

Since lots of other products come out of the ground during the course of an oil drilling project, this may also be referred to as an oil project investment opportunity, or natural gas investment opportunity, or an oil/gas/natural gas company investment opportunity. Regardless of what it is called, the drilling company guarantees that you will receive your full investment back, and then some, on the current drilling project. If the project fails to produce oil and/or gas, you are still guaranteed to get your initial investment back.

Scout Out Oil Property and Buy It

If you cannot strike oil in your backyard, you can hire a geologist to find pockets of oil on unowned property. If and when a geologist finds such a potential property for you, then you can buy that piece of property for future oil investments. Owning the land and then drilling it to confirm that there is oil in the ground below makes the value of that land skyrocket. Oil companies will want to pay you millions for an empty field you bought for a couple hundred thousand or less. That is a major return on oil property when you successfully locate it.